We’ve had a lot of people ask for a Workshop Day based on the hit musical Grease. You don’t have to be a beauty-school drop out or have tears on your pillow; but if you were born to hand-jive and think that love is a many splendoured thing – or you just want to come and have a fun-packed day with us (which is the preferred option) – then it might just be that we go together and you are the one that (we) want.

There are worse things (you) can do…

So, Freddy my love (insert your own name if not appropriate), give us a call on 01268 906470 for more information about our Grease Workshop on Thursday 4 August, 10am-3pm (it’s during the day so you are free to enjoy your summer nights) at Equal People Performing Arts in Brook Road, Rayleigh.

£15 per child. Packed lunch and drink required. No experience necessary. Hound dogs and mooning prohibited. Grease workshop organised by our very own rock and roll party queen, but Sandra Dee apologises she can’t be there in person as she has a prior engagement alone at a drive-in movie.