Ballet, Tap & Modern

Ballet, Tap & Modern Classes are taught at our Studios in Rayleigh in-line with the ISTD syllabus, from Primary up to Vocational grades. Students have the option to partake in externally adjudicated exams every other year.


About the Disciplines

Ballet is a classical dance form, which evolved from French court dancing over many years, this is why the terminology used is all in French. Ballet teaches grace and posture and is the foundation for most other dance forms.

Tap dancing has its roots in clog dance which has evolved to become the tap we see today. Tap teaches rhythm and style along with extending students sense of musical timing, but above all its great fun.

Modern conditions the body using stretching and strengthening exercises.  It is fabulous for developing excellent posture and rhythm. The dance movements can be lyrical or up temp with the emphasis on developing performance.

When are Ballet classes?

Primary Ballet: Saturdays, 9.00am

Grade 1 Ballet: Saturdays, 9.00am

Grade 2 Ballet: Tuesdays, 5.30pm
and also Saturdays, 12.15pm

Grade 4 Ballet: Tuesdays, 4.30pm
and also Wednesdays, 4.30pm

Grade 5 Ballet: Tuesdays, 6.30pm
and also Saturdays, 2.15pm

Grade 6 Ballet: Thursdays, 5.30pm
and also Saturdays, 4.15pm

Adult Ballet: Thursdays, 9.15am

When are Tap classes?

Primary Tap: Saturdays, 9.45am

Grade 1 Tap: Saturdays, 9.45am

Grade 2 Tap: Tuesdays, 4.30pm

Grade 3 Tap: Tuesdays, 6.30pm

Grade 4 Tap: Tuesdays, 5.30pm

Grade 5 Tap: Tuesdays, 7.30pm

Grade 6 Tap: Wednesdays, 5.30pm

Adult Tap: Tuesdays, 8.30pm
and Thursdays, 10.00am

When are Modern classes?

Primary Modern: Saturdays, 10.30am

Grade 1 Modern: Saturdays, 10.30am

Grade 2 Modern: Saturdays,11.15am

Grade 3 Modern: Saturdays, 2.15am

Grade 4 Modern: Saturdays, 12.15pm

Grade 6 Modern: Saturdays, 3.15pm

Boys Modern: Thursdays, 5.30pm

Inter Modern: Tuesdays, 8.30pm