This Saturday, 12 December, we want to give parents and carers a chance to see what their children have been doing in classes over the last term. This isn’t always possible as it can be distracting for the students, and isn’t always appropriate for some of the cared-for and special needs children, but they all work so hard and we want to create an opportunity for them to share that (though we’re sure you get to see a lot of it already…. when trying to delay bedtime and in the busiest aisle of the supermarket usually!)

We’re asking for a £1 donation to the charity also, and want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you give to Mushroom and Equal People throughout the past year.

Parking is limited as you know, and with more parents staying it will be busier than usual. Those able to may find it more convenient to park further down Brook Road and walk a short distance.