Rags to Riches

Before you ask, the title has nothing to do with Penni 🙂

CoolClips_cart0891As you probably know, Mushroom Theatre Company and Equal People continues to find new and innovative ways of raising funds to realise the dream – a local fully-inclusive venue.  As you’ll see from some of the Testimonials we’re shattering myths and illusions simply by ignoring and slowly breaking down barriers. Imagine having a purpose-built venue that will enable this wonderful work to continue, and for impairment, need or ability to really be irrelevant in every way. One day…

Over the past six weeks we’ve received many donations of unused clothing and textiles from you, raising a simply staggering £365.20 – thank you!

We can take almost any “textiles” – clothing, bedding, whatever – and can literally turn your “rags” into “riches” to help realise the dream.