Charity Chinese Night – Monday 13 July

East Restaurant logoWith all the excitement of the show, we’ve not made much fuss of Penni’s upcoming birthday and our Charity Chinese Night, but it’s not too late to reserve your place!

A mere £15 will get you an “all you can eat” buffet at East in Southend (, with great company! We’ll meet there at 7.30pm and although we’ll also be celebrating Penni’s birthday there is a strict “no present” policy. You’re welcome to make a donation to Equal People PA, but there is absolutely no obligation.

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The Fundraising Team work tirelessly throughout the year arranging various events and activities, but we’d love to hear from anyone who would like to get involved, whether on a regular basis or just to help with a single event!


Announcing the Mushroom “Big Bash” Anniversary Ball – 10 May

downloadIt’s time to celebrate: 10 years of fantastic MTC fun. Make a note in your calendars, tell your friends, book the night off, scrawl the date in lipstick on the side of the fridge… whatever you need to do…. just make sure you don’t miss out and regret it.

Saturday 10 May 2014 – a night to remember:
MTC “Big Bash” Anniversary Ball at The Rayleigh Club.

We want this to be an amazing night:  we have ten amazing years to celebrate!

More details, including times and prices to follow.  If you’re anxious about the cost then put aside just £1.50 each week between now and then – sorted!