I Dance: U Dance – new Dance sessions in Rayleigh with Parents & Toddlers in mind

I Dance U Dance flyerMushroom Theatre Company are launching new dance sessions on Friday mornings, specially designed with Parents and Toddlers in mind.

Our new studios give us an exciting new opportunity to run two classes simultaneously: Adults in one Studio, Children in the other… and FUN for all of course!

Although the sessions have been designed with Parents and Toddlers in mind, our usual friendly flexibility applies… adults can attend I Dance without a child, and young children can attend U Dance even if their parents aren’t taking part.

Each session is just £5, or £8 for both parent and child to join in and run from 10am to 10.45am at Equal People PA, Brook Road, by Rayleigh Weir.

To book or find out more, call 01268 906470 or email info@mushroomtheatre.co.uk

Show Update: Extra rehearsals

As some of the show items involve more than one class, we need to arrange some extra sessions with everyone involved in those dances all together. There’ll be extra rehearsals as follows:

Saturday 8 February 12.45-1.30pm Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Ballet
Monday 10 February 5.30-7.00pm Grade 1 & Grade 2 Modern and Tap
Wednesday 12 February 4.30-6.00pm All Modern & Tap students & Specials
Saturday 15 February 12.45-1.30pm All Ballet students, including ‘babies’
Monday 17 February 4.00-6.00pm All dance students (opening & finale)

If this is not your regular class time, please bring £3 rehearsal fee.

Grade 1 Ballet

Congratulations to Grade 1 Ballet, who took their exam at the weekend. As ever, they worked extremely hard and gave their best. We’ll take a break until after Christmas now though, so no Grade 1 Ballet on Wednesdays for a few weeks.  Have a well-deserved rest girls!

Classes & Exam Update

With exams this weekend, there will be a few changes to the timetable from next week.

  • Monday night becomes Grade 1
  • Tuesday night becomes Grade 3
  • Wednesday night is now Grade 2
  • Primary Ballet from 9am Saturday

Most children simply carry on coming at the usual time – we’re just changing what they are now working towards (ie, as I write this – on Wednesday – Grade 1 is going on…. from next week the same children will be here, but working on Grade 2 syllabus!)

You can view the full Class Timetable here

Do yourselves proud at the weekend. We know you’re all brilliant – shine like stars so the examiner see that too… and SMILE 🙂

No exam practice this Friday, but we’ll see you Saturday and Sunday.

Exams – October 2013

Final dates for Exams…

Sunday 29th September – Mock exam day.
Children should attend as per their examination day, in full exam kit please. All children need to be at MTC 15mins before their exam time.

Saturday 5th October – Final Practice Lessons
1.30 – 3pm – Grade 1’s
3 – 4.30pm – Grade 2’s
Primary’s in morning as normal

Sunday 6th October – the real thing 🙂
Hopefully you are all organised re exam uniform. On the day of the examination you will need to arrive 30mins before the exam time.

Please see the new Uniform page if you’re unsure what you should wear for exams!