Classes & Exam Update

With exams this weekend, there will be a few changes to the timetable from next week.

  • Monday night becomes Grade 1
  • Tuesday night becomes Grade 3
  • Wednesday night is now Grade 2
  • Primary Ballet from 9am Saturday

Most children simply carry on coming at the usual time – we’re just changing what they are now working towards (ie, as I write this – on Wednesday – Grade 1 is going on…. from next week the same children will be here, but working on Grade 2 syllabus!)

You can view the full Class Timetable here

Do yourselves proud at the weekend. We know you’re all brilliant – shine like stars so the examiner see that too… and SMILE 🙂

No exam practice this Friday, but we’ll see you Saturday and Sunday.

Classes Starting Again

A note to all that Classes start back on 2nd September.

Hope everyone has had a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing all the old faces as well as some new ones in the new term.