I Dance: U Dance – new Dance sessions in Rayleigh with Parents & Toddlers in mind

I Dance U Dance flyerMushroom Theatre Company are launching new dance sessions on Friday mornings, specially designed with Parents and Toddlers in mind.

Our new studios give us an exciting new opportunity to run two classes simultaneously: Adults in one Studio, Children in the other… and FUN for all of course!

Although the sessions have been designed with Parents and Toddlers in mind, our usual friendly flexibility applies… adults can attend I Dance without a child, and young children can attend U Dance even if their parents aren’t taking part.

Each session is just £5, or £8 for both parent and child to join in and run from 10am to 10.45am at Equal People PA, Brook Road, by Rayleigh Weir.

To book or find out more, call 01268 906470 or email info@mushroomtheatre.co.uk

Amended Timetable – Sat 11 July

July 11 There will be classes held next Saturday for those that want to attend, but we fully realise that many of the children in the show (or at least their parents) may prefer a rest on Saturday morning.

For those that don’t, classes will be as follows:

time Studio 1 Studio 2
9.30-10.00 Baby/Primary Ballet Grade1/2/3 Ballet
10.00-10.30 Baby/Primary Tap Grade 2/3/4 Tap
10.30-11.00 Baby/Primary Modern Grade 2/3/4 Modern
11.00-12.00 SEN Musical Theatre

There will be no SEN Tap.

Penni has asked me to remind you that there have been several extra lessons provided at no cost lately: as such the Company is not in a position to provide refunds to students opting not to attend. 


Show Updates

Several updates related to the show for y’all..

Saturday evening is now almost fully booked. If you want Tickets for any of the performances please get an Order Form from Reception.
Performances will be 7.30pm on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 July, and also at 2.30pm on Saturday 11 July.

WWII Roll of Honour
We’d like the names of any relatives of performers who were killed during World War 2, for a roll of honour.

Combined Drama Rehearsal – Friday 26 June
Senior, Junior and Infant Drama groups should all come to the Studios on 26 June, 4.30-6.30pm. Rehearsal fee: £5.

Baby & Primary Ballet – 27 June and 4 July
There will be an additional rehearsals for Baby and Primary Ballet, 12.00-12.45pm on Saturday 27 June and Saturday 4 July.

Dancers – Junior & Grades 1-4 – Monday 29 June
Extra session for Junior Dance and Grade1+ exam classes (Ballet/Tap/Modern), 5.30-6.30pm. £3 fee.

Dancers – Senior, Junior & Grades 1-4 – Saturday 4 July
Extra session for Senior Dance, Junior Dance, and Grade1+ exam classes (Ballet/Tap/Modern), 2.30-4.30pm. £3.

FULL REHEARSAL – Sunday 5 July
As previous announced, all performers should be at the Studios for 10am. Rehearsal fee: £3 more info

Full Dress Reheasal for everyone at Seevic, 4.30-8.30pm. Rehearsal fee: £3

COSTUME information should be finalised this week – we’ll share it as soon as it’s been checked over.

Baby and Primary Tap – Umbrellas please!
Could you please provide a child sized umbrella for all rehearsals. They will also need a rain mac for the show – the cuter the better!

Infant & Junior Drama – will need to provide an evacuee-like costume.

MTC T-Shirts – EVERYONE should have one of these. Please order one urgently if you do not have one.

Timetable Changes

With showtime looming we’re making a few changes to the Saturday Timetable from 13 June:

12.00-1.00 Grade 1, 2 & 3 Ballet
1.00-2.00 Grade 1, 2, 3 & 4 Tap
2.00-2.45 Grade 2 & 3 Modern
2.45-3.30 Grade 4 Modern

All other Classes will be at their usual times.

Also: Saturday 27 June & 4 July
Baby and Primary Ballet that are doing the show should attend 12 till 12.45 in addition to their earlier classes.