What a week!

Although played somewhat tongue-in-cheek and purely for fun after the shows, the sound clip says it all…

Well done everyone on four fantastic shows – children, parents, helpers, volunteers and staff alike. 

Sitting up in “the box” and drifting about in the auditorium (posh word for a Monday morning – sorry – the place where people sat) I got to overhear some great comments about the performers, the dedication of the children and teachers, the professionalism of the show and the programmes…. I got to see the smiles on the faces of performers and audience alike,…. and I messed up the music far too often, but we’ll overlook that for now!

There have been loads of great posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as many great comments made in person to one or more people, but it would be great to hear what show week meant to you in the comments below.

There are lots of programmes left (we deliberately over-ordered) so if you didn’t get one, or want another one for yourself or a friend, let us know. We’ll happily post them to friends and supporters from further afield, but would ask that you cover postage costs.  100% of the money received from programmes is going directly to Equal People.

DVDs will be available in a couple of weeks. You can order one next time you’re at MTC, or order online. However, we won’t place any orders until payment has been received.  Photos can be viewed and ordered directly on the I’m Famous website.

Don’t forget to return costumes in a named bag, so we can then check them back in and ensure you get your deposits back.

More news soon…

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Celebrate Show DVD

2014-02-19_10-28-58Show DVDs will be available shortly, priced at £15. Proceeds will be supporting Essex Media Workshop, who are producing the DVDs, and our own charity Equal People PA.

DVDs can be ordered in person (download form) or online below, but we will not order in your DVD until payment has been received.

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If you have any questions, please Contact Us


Show Photos – remember your first time?

We’re preparing a display for showtime, and would love to include photos of current performers first MTC show. If you have any photos at home (we’re sure you will) of your first Mushroom show we’d love to have a copy. We will of course have photos available at this year’s fantastic #celebrateshow too.

Show Update – Classes & Rehearsals

Not long to go! The VIP show starts in…

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There are a few changes to classes next week, and some additional rehearsals. Although students and parents have been told about the changes, we wanted to make things as clear as possible. Here’s a list of the classes that are changing and the additional rehearsals. We’ll also have a full calendar published shortly that you can access and view at any time.

Rehearsal fee £3 (unless the rehearsal is the time of a class you usually attend)

Friday, 7 February
4.30pm – 5.30pm Man in the Mirror
Saturday, 8 February
12.45pm – 1.30pm Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2 Ballet
Monday, 10 February
5.30pm – 7.00pm Grade 1&2 Modern and Tap
Tuesday, 11 February
4.30pm – 6.00pm Junior Dance (time changed)
6.00pm – 6.45pm Junior Drama (time changed)
6.45pm – 7.30pm PALS
7.30pm – 8.00pm Grade 3 Tap & Modern
Wednesday, 12 February
4.30pm – 6.00pm All Tap & Modern dancers
Thursday, 13 February
6.00pm – 7.00pm Junior & Senior Drama (time changed)
7.00pm – 8.00pm Senior Dance (time changed)
Friday, 14 February
4.30pm – 6.30pm Senior Dance
5.30pm – 6.30pm Specials
Saturday, 15 February
12.45pm – 1.30pm All Ballet classes
1.30pm – 2.30pm Man in the Mirror
Monday, 17 February
4.00pm – 6.00pm Full Cast – Opening & Finale
6.00pm – 6.45pm Junior Dance extra rehearsal
Tuesday, 18 February
10.00am – 3.00pm Dress Rehearsal (at MTC)
Thursday, 20 February
12.00pm – 10.00pm Technical Rehearsal (at Seevic)
followed by tea break
 and then… VIP night Performance (7.30pm)
Friday, 21 February
6.30pm – 10.00pm  Performance (starts at 7.30pm)
Saturday, 22 February
1.30pm – 9.30pm  Performances (2.30pm & 7pm)

There will be more information shortly about costumes, food/drink, and other questions parents may have. Many of you know the routine already, but if you’re unsure about anything please feel free to post a comment here or speak to one of the Team, but please do bear in mind that Penni will be needing to focus on the performances rather than logistics and admin 🙂


Show Update: Extra rehearsals

As some of the show items involve more than one class, we need to arrange some extra sessions with everyone involved in those dances all together. There’ll be extra rehearsals as follows:

Saturday 8 February 12.45-1.30pm Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Ballet
Monday 10 February 5.30-7.00pm Grade 1 & Grade 2 Modern and Tap
Wednesday 12 February 4.30-6.00pm All Modern & Tap students & Specials
Saturday 15 February 12.45-1.30pm All Ballet students, including ‘babies’
Monday 17 February 4.00-6.00pm All dance students (opening & finale)

If this is not your regular class time, please bring £3 rehearsal fee.