Grace loves Mushroom- the highlight of her week! Everyone is so lovely and she is making some lovely friends. So happy we found Mushroom- I love everything it stands for!
Absolutely love this place! In the time my son has been a student I have seen Mushroom go from strength to strength and I am lookong forward to when my daughter is old enough to start classes too. All the fantastic staff and awesome students have a great passion for what they do making it a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all.
Mushroom � is where everyone is equal. You will be welcomed with open arms �. Come along & see for yourself �������
Friendly setting which seems to not only be a hub for children through to teenagers to all spend time together, but also a fantastic setting for people with additional needs. My daughter has been attending the SEN session for approximately 2mths once a week and has now stayed for the holiday club and has settled amazingly which is a huge thing for her and all credit for that to mushroom!
My daughter loves it there and I love how everyone can be involved. Show night was amazingly positive and a privilege to be involved with
My daughter has Aspergers she is very arty, loves to sing and dance, she tried 4 dance schools before this one, she loves it so much and just finished taking part in their show, which was so inspirational. I feel proud she is apart of such an amazing dancing school with lovely people.
As a visitor from California, I was very impressed by the happiness on the faces of the children and young adults in the various classes I observed. They are obviously accepted and treasured, no matter their ability or disability level, by both staff and their fellow students - which allows them to grow and develop to their individual potential. I wish we had a facility like Mushroom Theatre Company in Southern California.
I was privileged again this afternoon to have been invited to attend Mushroom Theatre’s show, Friend Like Me. As always, the work Penni and her team put in to establishing a totally inclusive, wonderful, inspirational theatre company simply blows me away.I am proud to know so many of the performers I saw dance, act and sing today - thank you for a fabulous afternoon xx
I've known The Mushroom Theatre/Equal People for a number of years now and the amount of positivity that is created through the mutual love for the performing arts young and old all levels of abilities is wonderful. The level of ability is amazing very talented and awe inspiring to watch.
Such a friendly and welcoming place. Really enjoyed our first session today. Highly recommended
u were all so amazing ☆☆ loved the much hard work must of gone in to all the performances..massive well done to all of u ♡
Was so pleased to pop in for a visit and see the amazing building and work you are doing. Lovely to see Penni, Pat, Amanda and Jenna. You all do such an amazing job. �
The best youth theatre ......ever. Caters for all abilities big or small, singing dancing & acting. great community spirit more like a huge family collective. Love these people So much!!
A wonderful inclusive Theatre Company where everyone can feel like they belong to a close family and express themselves through dancing, singing and performing.
This isn't just your everyday dance school, there is a very special feel about this place. The teachers are extremely welcoming and friendly and make the children feel at home. The children strike up fantastic friendships and are supportive of each other. My daughter loves coming here and calls it her second home! Would highly recommend this lovely place.
everyone is relly supportive of everthink that u do and the well help you and you will get help wen and if you need it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I love going to mushroom theatre company as it is really fun.
Brilliant performance of Alice in Wonderland at Holy Trinity Church. Fantastic costumes and set design , well done to all the performers for a fabulous show
Fab place my daughter dances and teaches there,my granddaughter who is 6 yr loves it ,second generation off dancers ,Jenna has been with Penni since she was at school as was her husband Edward . And all the girls and staff are lovely xx
I love mushroom theatre company and we do dancing drama and art for shows it is a fantastic group I love all my friends at mushroom and I do love the manager penni and the volunteers who works there the mushroom keeps me happy and loved and a nice welcome we need more people to come along if you want to come and see us at mushroom you need to go on the website to look up and you can bring up a map to get there we also go out sometimes like if it is a nice day we go out to outings also we sometimes have lunch outside when it is sunny we put Shows on like plays and we act out like different characters it’s a way to get people to come and enjoy if you want any more information please let us know and we can help people to get along with friends and met different people with any different abilities also sometimes we do met Father Christmas and go to have Christmas dinners at a local restaurant it is also met new people to get to know you and helping them to come again soon
Having worked with children and young people with SEN and disabilities for over 10 years, I can honestly say MTC are the only truly inclusive setting I have ever known. They are amazing, they just get it - no judgements or token gestures. Able bodied members get as much out of it as those with difficulties. They are a genuinely unique and wonderful family that restore your faith in human nature xx
WOW! What an amazing show tonight. Congratulations to each and everyone of you 🥰. Amy Vinnicombe you’re in for a treat x
my daughter is suspected adhd and asd. she loves nothing better than to sing and dance. trying to find somewhere where she can express herself has been hard. we have now found the perfect place and she absolutely adores everyone who helps her out. cannot thank them or recommend them enough
I have worked with this company for a short time a long time ago loved the company and I’m happy for how they have moved things forward
Absolutely loved it will be going every week ��
Much as people try to be accepting at most groups they just don't understand children with additional needs. The Mushroom Theatre Company is different, it is the only place where we would consider leaving our little boy for an activity day without hanging around ourselves. The staff and volunteers are remarkable, it is heartwarming to see the joy in those with and without disabilities sharing experiences with equal enthusiasm.
Mushroom Theatre Company rocks! Teachers and staff are brilliant with all the different abilities of the children. Always happy faces, always lots of fun with a great atmosphere. Wouldn't have my children anywhere else x
My daughter took part in the Greatest Showmsn Carnival week. Wow, what an amazing team! X
Equal People Performing Arts is a great place for able-bodied and people with L.D who can dance and learn Drama ,be in show's and just have a fab time . They have a beautiful new building at Rayleigh Weir. So if u are looking for a place to go this is the place .
It is a good way to perform singing and dancing and lots of fun to doing arts