We’re almost there!

Tomorrow is a Dress Rehearsal at the Studiosplease bring all the costumes that you already have. We know there may be a few odd things outstanding, and that’s partly why the dress rehearsal is earlier than usual this year.

Next Friday, 12 January, is a full run-through at the Studios. We’ll be running this as close to possible as to how it will be at the Theatre. Costumes will not be needed for this, but also please note that parents will not be able to wait in reception during this time.

Performers will need a drink and snacks (or packed lunch) for these, and also the days at the Theatre but please remember the following:

  • no food that could stain either their costumes or their faces (eg chocolate, wotsits);
  • no chewing gum or dark-coloured drinks (eg coke, blackcurrant);
  • NO NUTS – we have children with severe nut allergies. This includes peanut butter.
  • Please ensure that they have plenty of water!


At the Theatre next weekend, all children should be dropped off and collected from the Stage Door at the rear of the building, where they will be signed in and out by Pat Mitchell. Any medications that they need MUST also be checked in with Pat and not left in their bags (or boxes – a plastic box is ideal for keeping their costumes in).

Some of the performers spend more time than others backstage in the dressing rooms. They may want to bring a book, cards, or colouring to help fill the time – but please send pencils rather than felt pens… and certainly not Sharpie markers (we’d like to give you all back your costume deposits and not have to keep it for ink and food stains)!

Children should arrive at the Theatre with their hair and makeup already done. No earrings or nail varnish please (plaster over earrings if they cannot be removed).  We’d prefer it if they did not bring phones/tablets etc as we cannot be responsible for gadgets as well as children, props and costumes. If they do bring them it is at their own risk. We’re going to be reminding them about the appropriate use of photographs and would prefer that none are taken backstage, but at the very least we must insist that they are not shared on social media without the express permission of all the children’s parents.


There will be a strict no photo/video rule for the audience. We’ll be taking some photos at the dress rehearsals, and Saturdays performances will be recorded for an official DVD. We have children in the Show who are not allowed to be in any photos for a variety of reasons, so we do have to be quite strict about this.

We also have to be strict with backstage access. No one will be allowed backstage unless they are on the official helpers list (similarly, no parents will be allowed to stay at the Studios on Friday unless expressly asked to), and no children will be allowed out between performances other than for the lunch break on Saturday (12.30-2.30pm) when everyone must leave the Theatre.

Oh, one more thing we have to insist on…. ENJOY THE SHOW!

Reminder – Timings for rehearsals and classes are on the website, and costume list can be found here.
I’ll be chasing outstanding costume fees tomorrow… if you settle up in the morning it saves me a job!
Costume deposits will be returned the week after the show once costumes have been checked back in.