Equal People

Mushroom Theatre Company offers an environment away from the stresses of everyday life, and we believe that the performing arts have many social and therapeutic benefits, yet are often disregarded. All are welcome to attend our classes- regardless of gender, race, sexuality or ability. We offer specialist classes for individuals with Special Needs, however none of our classes are restricted due to ability, and therefore our company provides an excellent opportunity for the development of social interaction. Our emphases are on the development of self-esteem and teamwork, and as a result believe that our work is very beneficial to individuals with disabilities and for young adults.

In order for us to expand the work that we do, we want to build a purpose built theatre and performance area that could cater for disabled performers and spectators as there is currently no other arts facility in the area that can provide this. We would like to build a theatre that would provide a safe place for disadvantaged children and young people to participate in performing arts. A place that would be a totally accessible performance and learning environment for those in wheelchairs or with sensory impairments. We hope that a theatre such as this would become a pleasant community area that could be used by our company, local schools and organisations, and fellow theatre groups.

Equal People Performing Arts Video

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