July 11 There will be classes held next Saturday for those that want to attend, but we fully realise that many of the children in the show (or at least their parents) may prefer a rest on Saturday morning.

For those that don’t, classes will be as follows:

time Studio 1 Studio 2
9.30-10.00 Baby/Primary Ballet Grade1/2/3 Ballet
10.00-10.30 Baby/Primary Tap Grade 2/3/4 Tap
10.30-11.00 Baby/Primary Modern Grade 2/3/4 Modern
11.00-12.00 SEN Musical Theatre

There will be no SEN Tap.

Penni has asked me to remind you that there have been several extra lessons provided at no cost lately: as such the Company is not in a position to provide refunds to students opting not to attend.