Hello Everyone

Welcome back everyone to what should be the ‘Summer’ term.  What a winter its been, I am proud to say though we only had to cancel classes once due to the snow and I want to thank you all for getting to classes and for putting up with the cold!

Lots of exciting things happening this term; Benny is running the Brighton marathon in aid of Equal People on Sunday 14th April, good luck to her, I can’t imagine running that far or indeed, why you would choose to, but we thank her all the same

We have provisionally chosen Sunday 7th July to do a Showcase, having had an impossible task trying to find a theatre this should be taking place at Hullbridge Sports and Social Club and will take the form of two shows and a dress rehearsal finishing nice and early because of school the next day.

We have lots of projects to do, including London 2012, One Year On and recycling performance pieces!

We keep coming so close to getting a lovely new building only to have our dreams dashed time and time again.  Rest assured we are still plugging away and thank you for your support.

Also the carnival is back to its usual time of year, Sat 17th August and the week preceding this we will be running our carnival week which this year is based around the show ‘SHREK’. Children attend every day for a week and learn processional dances and make the float decorations.  On Sat evening they take part in the Southend Illuminated Carnival, this is a magical event and a really special experience for the children.  The little ones get to go on the float with the older ones dancing behind.  This fabulous week cost just £75.00

Performing Arts Life Skills, (P.A.L.S)
We are running these workshops every Wednesday from 9.30am – 3.30pm for adults with additional needs. Come along or if you know someone that would like to meet new people & make friends while enjoying the fun of performing arts please tell them about us…we’d love to add some more members to our group…. £20 for the day.

Here’s to a great term.